Tehran – Turkmen Visa (1)

Uzbek visa was really a piece of cake. Smooth and delicious.

Uzbek visa was really a piece of cake. Smooth and delicious.

Getting Turkmen visa was always tricky. I got very early to the Pasdaran Avenue to the Turkmenistan embassy just to find out that since January this year, the embassy had moved to a new address: 5 Barati Street, Vatanpoor, Farmaniyeh, which was quite a distance from its original place.

The new location was more difficult to reach. I had to change transport three times and asked around until I found the building, exhausted.

To get a transit visa for 5 days, one should submit a photocopy of the passport and Uzbek visa. I forgot my Uzbek visa photocopy and I had to return back to Farmaniyeh to find a photocopy shop. The embassy location was deep in the alleys of housing complex and the closest photocopy machine was two kilometers away.

I returned back to the embassy. It was still 11 but the embassy operated from 9 to 11 only. The small window was closed. I knocked the window and the man accepted my photocopy and let me go. “Come back 7 to 10 days later,” said him.
I even had not filled any application form.
He gave me the application form, and said the embassy was closed already.

I returned home, full of questions unanswered.

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