Tahskent – Ticket to Indonesia

The Uzbekistan Airways

The Uzbekistan Airways

The sudden call from Indonesia does change my travel plan drastically. I decide to go home as soon as possible. My father suffers from heart attack and I know he wants to see me as he worries much about my recent being as ‘a homeless wanderer’. I do miss my parents. Almost every night I dream about them, and these dreams make me nothing but painful. I miss them and I know they do the same. Family relation is more like mythical telepathic connection.

“Just go home. What else you need to think? Before you regret for your whole life,” said Rosalina Tobing, a friend of mine who works in the Indonesian embassy. The word regret does have a very strong power. I still have chance to go home, so why not?

Rosalina suggested me to buy a ticket as soon as possible. Luckily now there is a promotion of Uzbek Airways which is commemorating its 15th anniversary, and a ticket to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur costs only 299 US$ payable only in Uzbek sum (the biggest value of Uzbek sum is less than a dollar). With two big piles of Uzbek money that I got from the cashier of the Embassy, I rushed to the Uzbek Hava Yollari (Uzbek Airways) office. Getting the ticket is straightforward.

Now the ticket to Kuala Lumpur is already in my hand.

I can’t wait to go home. My flight will be on February 7.

Meanwhile I plan to see some other parts of Uzbekistan to calm my fast beating heart.

I will be home soon….

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. It’s truly inspiring! Kudos for you, to have a bravery to pursue your life dreams and to experience the world in such a young age.

    In the meantime, welcome home. I hope everything is ok with your dad. My very good thoughts are with him, and you too.

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