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Tourism also brings cultural impact to far flung places

Tourism also brings cultural impact to far flung places

January 17, 2005

At last the guys from the restaurant successfully moved the TV and VCD to my room. They played hide and seek with the old man, the owner, and it was indeed funny to see the games. The sound was mixed with other movie, Bunty and Babli, to distract the attention of the old man. And they successfully made the old man sleep earlier.

One accident happened when they moved the TV, the man woke up. Haroun (not real name) told the old man that the Indonesian guy (me) need the TV and VCD to do his homework. Damn!

The 2 CDs, both were painfully obtained, were all damaged. One of it, the funniest porn CD I have ever watched, from South India. The actresses were all old, grey haired, bathing in the river. Then came the raper, old, fat, black, ape-faced man. The open sex happened openly in the river side, but it was too ugly, and the Pakistani guys also thought so.

Talking about the open sex, I mean sex in open field, Haroun told me a story of a European couple having sex in a park near Sharina Hotel, during daylight. It happened in 2001-2002, and that time was school time, so schoolgirls were on their journey to the school. And villagers were passing to their field. One guy was coming and told the couple to go back to their room and have fun there, as open sex is not this area culture. The European guy got irritated and they almost fought.

“Europeans are always open,” Haroun said, “some couples also had sex without closing the window and door.” Haroun works in tourist industry so he has some stories to share. It was a happening of a Western girl, cyclist, with an elder Western man, coming by jeep. They had shag openly in their room without closing the door and window, and surely they became show of the day. Even the policemen was coming.

Somehow I think that those tourists are kind of people who dont respect local culture. Thailand was a good example of being victim of tourism, but luckily the conservative tradition of Pakistan is still somehow keeping this country away from the danger.

“I dont like to see when my sister talking with male strangers,” Haroun continued, “she can talk freely at home with my father and uncles, about any topic…, oh, but sex.”
“Is that due to your culture or religion?”
“Religion,” he replied
But when I asked where in Koran saying that girls cant talk with other males, he changed the answer to culture.

The repressed culture, where even talking with girls is forbidden, somehow brought curiousity of sex. It’s like when we were younger and our parents dont allow us to watch porn, the feeling of curiousity would brought us to watch porn stealthily. This is normal. And here, they still have to play hide and seek to watch porn even in their 20’s. What for us is normal, like seeing girls in mini shirts, might be arousing for people who always see women under burqa, for example.

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