Rawalpindi – Peak Hours

Asyiknya naik bus di Pakistan. Duduk di atap bukan pengalaman untuk dicoba kaum hawa. (AGUSTINUS WIBOWO)

Commuting in Pakistan can somehow be crazy. Almost no women are visible, by the way

February 4, 2006

The intercity buses connecting the twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi (the two totally different twins) are such important like blood and heartbeat in a human body.

In the peak hours, many of Rawalpindi dwellers going to Islamabad for education and works, that getting a bus could be very difficult (women especially, due to the rules of seats). Waiting for lift is difficult, that everyone has to fight to be lifted, and in the little sized Toyota, standing up without seat means that you have to forget that you have backbones for a while. Squeezed. I felt relieved I got a seat, which was incredebly a luck.

The standing quota for passengers is usually two people, but our Toyota took more people. Actually the passengers were also happy as they got lifted, even though the Toyota was overloading. But the policemen didnt. Our Toyota was stopped by the police, the driver got annoyed, screamed, then cried. The overloading passengers were asked to find another transport (even though they have paid), the traffic jammed for a while because our Toyota blocked the main road. Then one policeman got inside our Toyota, and brought us to the police station. The driver, screaming, shouting, crying, was forced to go to the police station. The passengers got annoyed, as their time was delayed (at peak hours nobody cares about comfort, overloading was just perfectly OK after the long waiting due to the lack of buses). But the police insisted to fine the driver. The driver got back, and lost his mood completely. Drove the Toyota like a crazy man, he made other vehicles in the busy traffic angry. The cars behind pushed the horns to make the situation worse. Our driver shouted and showed his middle finger to everybody…..

The peak hours did make everybody crazy.

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