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October 22, 2005

Hotel Bajrang, 100 Rs

As planned before, today I went with Nef to do sightseeing around New Delhi. We visited Red Fort and Jame Masjid of New Delhi. With the brain stuffed with the visa problem, I didnt really enjoy the huge, red (of course) Red Fort. The mosque is also huge, and there were lots of people waiting for eating time. Now is Ramazan/Ramadan fasting month, but surprise…, around the mosque you can find easily people selling food. Something that wont be happen in Indonesia.

And there were lots of fakir (poor people) begging for donation on the stairs to the mosque. What I felt was, how lucky I am. For a moment, I just can be thankful the God, forget all of my problems, and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon in the mosques. Sometimes some people stopped and asked to take pictures with me.

Every Saturday, 6 pm, there is “buka puasa bersama” programme in Indonesian Embassy where Indonesians are invited to have dinner together during the Ramadan fasting month. I have met some diplomats, students, staff, and many other Indonesian communities here in New Delhi. Felt little bit awkward though, the atmosphere was just little bit strange.

Tried to call to Beijing to hear how the struggle progressing over there, but my auntie was not answering my phone call. Just read some articles about Rajasthan, and thinking to go there to relax all of my frustration with the bureaucracy….

me, still frustrated

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