New Delhi – Magic Healing

December 10, 2005

This man looks just an ordinary old Indian man. Owning a shop which sells bicycle spareparts and repair bicycles. His shop looks dirty and dark, with spareparts everywhere. There are several young guys working in his workshop. And yes, his two eyes are yellow.

But this old man is so unusual, that almost everybody in Paharganj directed me to him. When I had breakfast in my favorite restaurant (Golden Cafe) I told the guys that I needed non oily food as I have jaundice. The guy then brought me to the old man’s workshop, just two doors next to this restaurant.

He insisted that this man was a very strong magician, specially dealing with jaundice. All patients get well only in 3 days. I initially refused. The guy said, “It’s for free. Why not try?”
Oh yeah, why not.

So I went to the old man’s workshop. He first looked at my eyes, using his both hands. Then he looked at my fingers, holded it with his palms, and start reading mantra. He asked the boys to bring him a cup of milk. Then he read mantra on the milk, spitted something on it, and asked me to drink. He asked me to come again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. He also told me what food I should eat and what I should avoid. One to be sure, 30 minutes later I should drink unboiled milk mixed with soda.

Too bad, I cant do the whole treatment as I have to leave for Amritsar tonight.

But believe me, there were so many people directed me to this infamous man. From the man in the post office (I sent a book post, 2 kg to Indonesia, with only 70 Rs… , incredebly cheap post in India), the rickshaw drivers, until the book shop owners.

One of the bookshop owners told me, before he used to have jaundice every year. Then he visited this Hindu magician. He was not sure whether it would work. The holy man said, “I will pay you a thousand rupees instead if your jaundice coming back again next year!” And magic…, no more jaundice in his history.

“Hey man, your eyes are not as yellow as this morning.” The fellow hotel guest said to me when I returned back to my hotel this evenig.


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