Amritsar – Calo Pakistan

December 11, 2005

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It has been since weeks ago I wanted to write about this. How I felt guilty of not going to Pakistan as soon as I got my “professional” pakistan visa, and instead I travelled around India. I indeed have something to do in Mumbai that I had to go there for a business. But because of my healthiness, I even didnt finish my business in Mumbai. The trip to Rajasthan was due to relive again my photography instinct. The first days in India was very frustrating for me, with the visa and camera problem that I lost all mood of travelling right after that. And I needed something to relax me up.

OK, maybe I am just excusing. And God punished me with this jaundice problem. Anyhow, when I visited the border of Pakistan and India today in Attari/Wagah border to watch the flag ceremony, I felt really, really guilty under the green flag of Pakistan, the Land of Pure.

There is an Indian insult, “Calo Pakistan!” which means go away to Pakistan. The Indians always consider that Pakistan is such a bad and dangerous place to go, and that’s where the bad men go. But Calo Pakistan also means “let’s go to Pakistan”. And I am indeed going to Pakistan, as a bad man or as a good man.

The Attari border is one among the most ridiculous borders on earth. Everyday there is flag ceremony here where on both sides people coming to show their nationality. Now I am in Indian side, where people yelling “Hindustan! Hindustan!” and waiving Indian flags, cheering down when the Pakistani soldiers make a movement, and supporting each step of the Hindustani soldiers. And far there, the exactly the same atmosphere with inverted hero.

The relationship of India and Pakistan is getting quite in the right path now. The direct bus between Delhi and Lahore has been trialed, and Amritsar-Lahore bus will be trialed tomorrow. The bus will be launched on Dec 23. too bad that my visa for India will vanish soon, otherwise I could try to be among the first passengers in this historical bus journey.

And if everything goes smooth, God Willing, the day after tomorrow I will come again to this border. Not for watching the show off, but to cross the border to the Land of Pure. A little bit worrying with my jaundice, even my eyes are slightly white already now. But I hope God still give me a chance to dedicate myself there.

Calo Pakistan!

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  1. Hey Gus, you finally saw the Flag ceremony. Its very happening right. It’s such an entertaining for a ceremony to turn into a ‘battle’.

    I would love to see it with my own eyes too. The first time I saw it from documentary by Michael Palin – Himalayan Adventure series.

  2. sorry about your heps August. Keep going man…

  3. Manish Kumar // June 1, 2010 at 4:36 pm // Reply

    this is nice to visit india

    hey this is nice story

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