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  1. Very cool photography..

  2. Russian Satellite // July 16, 2005 at 3:32 am // Reply

    Cute people!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great scenery!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oke deh, bagus kamu!
    Bonne continuation ya!

  3. Hongming … i was just checking things up.
    Keren deh dikaw punya situs begini ^_^

  4. wah …. ini toh yang bikin chen-chen begadang
    good site, good photography

  5. augustine this is sun he lin from datong. i just checked out some of your photos and looks like you\\\\\\\’ve had some fun time. how was your trip back to beijing? i\\\\\\\’m in taiyuan. i\\\\\\\’m heading to pingyao tomorrow and hopefully meet up with the two girls from beijing. hope you have nice time during your last days in china.

  6. Well,it works now.Cong~~

  7. Wish you will have more great photos in your new journey:) I am looking forward for it.

  8. hi,hongming,this is Jia,dont know if you remember me or not,we met 4or 5 years ago in beijing,you were just beginning your study in Qinghua U,once i visited you at Liu lang zhuang.i’m a man with beard at that time.i’m now getting my master degree in Germany,like i said 5 years ago.glad to see your site,its awsome.keep in touch

  9. Every step has telling me a story.
    Sometimes miserable, sometimes cheerful.
    Sometimes sad, sometimes happy.
    (Wish that i would be).

    Gus.. Keep up the great Work. Nice to be your friend.

  10. Nadine and Michael // July 25, 2005 at 4:11 pm // Reply

    Of course we remember you. We spent such a lovely day with you in Angkor and were so impressed about your way making friends with the locals.Great photographs!!! And what a wonderful website.

  11. Adam Alexander Smith // July 27, 2005 at 3:29 am // Reply

    Sallam and Congratulations on your new website, Ming. Afghanistan-Tibet-Bangladesh-Pakistan-Iran? Sounds like quite a journey you will be embarking on, Brother. Spare a thought for your friend Adam, who is currently back home in Britain working hard to make money again for more travels. Inshallah, life will bring us together for another meeting one day while on the long and winding road. Be carefull in Afghanistan this year,mind you. Things are quite different at this time from when we visited in 2003. Keep your trust at 50/50.

  12. Jason McVinney // July 27, 2005 at 1:02 pm // Reply

    You’ve got a good eye for photography! And thanks for stopping by in Toktogul, Kyrgyzstan!

  13. a good sample to learn photography. thank you and welcome to Moscow:)

  14. Hi Avgustin
    I hope you remember me. I entered to your web sited and really was amazed. Good luch to your journey. And i hope we will meet again.

  15. joks from vt // August 1, 2005 at 1:04 pm // Reply

    hey hongming.

    long time no see! What a great site this is!!! Such beautiful potraits of local culture and people wherever you went! So, whats the plan for the rest of the year?

  16. HAMMAD SUBHANI // August 7, 2005 at 1:04 pm // Reply

    hope 2 see u again.u have done a good job

  17. nice site hope you are keeping well

  18. Gus site-nya asyiik. Paling sukaaa yang fotonya. Bener2 traveller sejati. Ati2 di Tibet ya….

  19. gila. saya nggak bisa membayangkan bagaimana jika saya ikut dalam perjalanan anda, selain proses yang complicated, butuh materi yang nggak sedikit juga kan?

  20. Top Banget!! Asia Tengah…wadooh. Tahu nama anda dari indobackpacker. Thanks for sharing your journey…and keep on sharing ya!
    Salam dari jakarta

  21. Bener bener bagus website-nya. Tapi gua yakin journey-nya lebih ok lagi..
    Lain kali kalo trip lagi, boleh ikut gak?
    Tertarik bareng aku ke itali, yunani, austria bulan depan selama kurang lebih 4 minggu?
    Kalo mau, japri aja, thx!

  22. isi buku tamu dulu.. baru mbaca.. (kewalik yo gus?) emange kondangan.

  23. Personal web yg bagus, inspiring lagiiii….kalo saya main ke beijing, numpang nginep yah….

  24. WOOOWW!!
    Itu deh.. hebat euy pengalaman jalan u di usia 24 (klo th ini emg segitu.^^;)
    bagi2 tipsnya ya..
    gw ‘nemu’ web ini dr Mbak Ambar di Indobackpackers&tertarik ngintip.. ^__6
    salam kenal!

  25. A most enjoyable page!!! I am following up your diaries too!!! What adventures you are having, i am jealous…….

  26. wow, nggak nyangka arek TC ITS ada yg se-hobby. Fotografi & bertualang. Bagus banget. Bisa tuh apply ke National Geographic.
    Lukik c-01

  27. Gus, ini pake camera apa ya? Boleh dong share perlengkapanmu opo ae. Kameranya, lensa, apa aja deh yg terkait dengan perlengkapanmu merekam gambar.
    Suwun gus. Maju terus.

    Lukik c-01

  28. Mantap Gus…

    aslinya aku juga sangat seneng berpetualang…embuh kapan bisa ikutan seperti ini :). saiki sik muter nang kene2 wae..hehe..

    Akur sama Cak Lukik, share donk perlengkapannya…kapan2 aku juga pengen jalan2 ke Asia Tengah euy.


  29. guss…anything you have, foto2x, perlengkapan, cerita2x, dll tolong dishare infonya deh..ato kalo sempat, gw wawancarain seharian deh :))

  30. Salut dengan foto2x nya.
    Kalo boleh tahu warna2x fotomu koq dahsyat gitu ya :)
    Cuman pake Fuji m603 tanpa filter khan ?
    Bagi tipsnya donk.

    Salam kenal, aku arek TC juga :)

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