#1Pic1Day: Naga Kebebasan | Dragon of Freedom (Indonesia, 2013)

Dragon of Freedom (Indonesia, 2013) During the New Order under Suharto, Chinese culture was banned in Indonesia, including traditional and religious rituals. After the Reform Era, Chinese Indonesian (known locally as Tionghoa, from the Chinese word of “Zhonghua”) started to gain their rights as citizens, including performing their culture. The annual celebration of Cap Go Meh, the 15th day after the Chinese New Year/Spring Festival, is a great festive for the whole city. Chinese temples and other communities (including Muslims) participate in the parade, showcasing traditions and dances from all over Indonesia, including the Chinese Dragon Dance, for sure. Naga Kebebasan (Indonesia, 2013) Pada masa Orde Baru, kebudayaan Tionghoa dilarang di Indonesia, termasuk ritual perayaan tradisional dan religius. Setelah memasuki era Reformasi, barulah Tionghoa bebas mengekspresikan budaya mereka. Acara tahunan Cap Go Meh, atau hari ke-15 sesudah Imlek, menjadi pesta rakyat yang sangat meriah di Bogor, di mana berbagai elemen masyarakat dan kelenteng-kelenteng di Jawa Barat berparade menampilkan kebudayaan Nusantara dan kebudayaan Tionghoa, termasuk barongsai. [...]

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Kerman – Life of Afghan Children

New life for Ismail here in Iran, totally different from what he dreamed of before. Ismail, 15 years old, is another ordinary story of an ordinary Afghan who is desperate of better life outside their homeland, and then found that life is not always as beautiful as dreams. The place where Ismail now work in live in southeastern Iranian city of Kerman cannot be called fancy. When others come to the Bazaar-e-Vakil for shopping or sightseeing, Ismail and his three Afghan compatriots work underground, digging holes for septic tanks of public toilets in the old bazaar area. From the dark hole, they brought out stones and sand, to be transported somewhere else. They work from 8 morning until 5 afternoon, earning about 15 dollars per day, much a better wage than the average income in Afghanistan. These young boys came from the northern Afghan province of Takhar, tuck between Kunduz and Badakhshan, about one full day journey from Kabul. Takhar, as I visited in 2006, was a dusty province with similarly dusty provincial capital town of Taloqan, wrapped in time where turbaned men and traditionally dressed nomads from the surrounding villages and grassland fill in the weekly animal market. Was [...]

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Bahawalpur – The Christian Community

May 7, 2006 Father Nadeem Joseph That morning, 28 October 2001, just few minutes before 9, the Christian Protestant devotees were just finishing their weekly mass. The church was a Catholic curch, St Dominic Church, in the Model Town area, a well-to-do area in Bahawalpur. The Protestant were allowed to do mass here, with the concession with the Catholic fathers. They were given the morning shift, from 8 to 9. The mass has just almost finished, the pastor walked toward the gate, and the people following him, ready to receive blessing. Suddenly two strangers with machine guns came through the door, splashing the bullets from their weapons to all directions. The hungry bullets flew to the breasts, legs, chests, women, children, men, everybody. The casualties was not few, 16 people killed by the firing. This was the first in Pakistan history of brutality against Christian minority. But it was not the last. The church is a small building, very simply decorated, with only three rows of benches in both male and female quarters. Most of the spaces given to visitors were matrass. The devotees sat on their knee while delivering their prayers here. In Urdu, church is “girjah”, sounds quite [...]

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