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Detik: Agustinus Wibowo: Australia Negara Santai Tapi Taat Hukum

Jumat 10 Mar 2017, 17:25 WIB Australia Plus ABC – detikNews Perth -Agustinus Wibowo, penulis perjalanan dan fotografer asal Indonesia baru-baru ini hadir di Festival Penulis di Perth (Australia Barat). Penulis yang dikenal menguasai banyak bahasa ini berbicara dengan wartawan ABC Sastra Wijaya mengenai apa yang dibicarakan di Perth, pandangannya mengenai Australia dan buku terbaru yang sedang ditulisnya. Anda diundang di Perth Writers Festival, apa yang Anda bicarakan di sana? Saya tampil dua kali di Perth. Sesi pertama disebut Nomadic Lives (Kehidupan Nomadic (Berpindah-pindah). Saya tampil bersama penulis terkenal Australia Tim Cope, yang menghabiskan waktu tiga tahun mengendarai kuda berkelana dari Mongolia ke Hongaria di Eropa. Jadi kami terlibat dalam kehidupan nomadic dalam perjalanan kami. Di tahun 2005, saya memulai perjalanan ” Grand Overland Voyage”, melakukan perjalanan selama empat tahun, dimulai dari ibukota China, Beijing, dengan harapan bisa mencapai Afrika Selatan, tanpa melewati laut. Saya tidak menyelesaikan perjalanan tersebut, karena saya akhirnya tinggal di Afghanistan selama hampir tiga tahun. Salah satu pertanyaan menarik yang kami diskusikan di panel tersebut adalah apakah kita bisa menyebut diri kita nomad modern. Dalam pandangan saya ada perbedaan besar antara kehidupan nomadik dengan melakukan perjalanan. Bagi orang luar, para nomad ini sering dilihat sebagai ‘orang [...]

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AustraliaPlus: Agustinus Wibowo–Exploring the nomadic life of a travel writer

AustraliaPlus 16 Mar 2017 Agustinus Wibowo with Sastra Wijaya Indonesian travel writer and photographer Agustinus Wibowo recently appeared at the Perth Writers Festival. He is seen as a pioneer of a new genre of Indonesian travel literature, allowing readers to experience his physical, spiritual and emotional journey through his stories. Australia Plus talked to Agustinus to find out more. What are some of the things you discussed at the Perth Writers Festival? I had two sessions there. The first session was called Nomadic Lives with renowned Australian explorer and travel writer Tim Cope. One of the interesting questions that Tim and I discussed was whether we would call ourselves modern nomads. In my opinion, there’s a big difference between nomadism and travelling for our own sake. Nomads migrate up to four times a year (following the changes of season), but they have fixed places for their spring, summer, autumn and winter pastureland. They are still confined by borders – international or traditional ones – and the purpose of their travelling is for survival. By contrast, a modern traveller has much more freedom in choosing where to go and why. The other session I had was This Place Called Home, together [...]

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Perth Writers Festival: Meet Travel Author Agustinus Wibowo

Perth Writers Festival To say that Indonesian travel writer and photographer Agustinus Wibowo has a passion for adventure and linguistics is an understatement – he has spent most of his life travelling to the far reaches of the world and currently speaks 16 languages. In his latest book Zero, his travels bring him home to spend time with his dying mother, a woman who lived her entire life in one small village. Read more about this incredible author before his PWF sessions Nomadic Lives and This Place Called Home. For those who haven’t read it, what is your latest book Zero about? Zero is my story of homecoming. After ten years wandering the world, I had to go home, to face the reality of my home. My mother was on the brink of death, as cancer ravaged her body. The only thing I could do was sit next to her, reading my travel notes from faraway lands – China, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan. Just like Scheherazade who reads through one thousand and one tales over as many nights, I wished that every story may prolong her life for one day. Along with these stories, my mother finally found a voice [...]

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