#1Pic1Day: The Love We Share #9 (Afghanistan, 2008)

  The Love We Share #9 (Afghanistan, 2008) Duty—a little boy is accompanying her mother sewing, in a herder settlement of the Kyrgyz nomads, Pamir mountains, Afghanistan. Kewajiban—seorang bocah menemani ibunya menjahit, di daerah permukiman penggembala Kyrgyz, pegunungan Pamir, Afghanistan             [...]

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#1Pic1Day: The Love We Share #8 (Afghanistan, 2008)

The Love We Share #8 (Afghanistan, 2008) Beauty and the Beast—A Kyrgyz mother in Pamir mountains, Afghanistan, is combing the hair of her daughter she just washed. Harus Bersih—Ibu Kyrgyz di pegunungan Pamir, Afghanistan sedang menyisir rambut putrinya yang baru saja dicuci.             [...]

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#1Pic1Day: The Love We Share #6 (Afghanistan, 2008)

The Love We Share #6 (Afghanistan, 2008) A Warmth Called Home—young Kyrgyz kids in Pamir Mountains, Afghanistan, are peeping from inside their yurt. Kehangatan Rumah—bocah-bocah Kyrgyz di pegunungan Pamir, Afghanistan, mengintip dari dalam kemah yurt mereka.           [...]

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#1Pic1Day: The Love We Share #5 (Afghanistan, 2008)

The Love We Share #5 (Afghanistan, 2008) Father’s Face—a young girl of an Uzbek nomadic shepherd is gazing at her father in the steppes of Badakshan, Northern Afghanistan. Wajah Ayah—seorang gadis dari keluarga gembala nomaden Uzbek menatap wajah ayahnya di tengah padang rumput Badakhshan, Afghanistan utara.         [...]

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#1Pic1Day: The Love We Share #3 (Afghanistan, 2008)

The Love We Share #3 (Afghanistan, 2008) Father’s Dream—a father brings his sick son from a village hundreds of kilometers away and stay over a chilling night in the holy shrine in Mazar-e-Sharif at the Eve of Naoruz New Year, so they can touch the holy flag and wish for a miracle for the son’s recovery. Impian Ayah—seorang ayah membawa anaknya yang sakit dari desa yang ratusan kilometer jauhnya dan melewatkan malam yang dingin di makam suci Mazar-e-Sharif sebelum tahun baru Naoruz, sehingga mereka bisa menyentuh bendera suci dan mengharapkan mukjizat bagi kesembuhan si anak.     [...]

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#1Pic1Day: The Love We Share #2 (Afghanistan, 2008)

The Love We Share #2 (Afghanistan, 2008) Mom’s Hug—a young girl of a shepherd family is hiding her face in her mom’s hug, in Pamir, Northern Afghanistan Pelukan ibu—seorang gadis keluarga penggembala menyembunyikan wajahnya di balik pelukan ibu, di Pamir, Afghanistan utara.   [...]

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#1Pic1Day: Sayap Patah | Broken Wings (Kyrgyzstan, 2006)

Broken Wings (Kyrgyzstan, 2006) A Kyrgyzstan boy on a horse is showing a wounded bird he just found on the ground. The ancestors of the Kyrgyz were nomadic people, but most of them are not anymore, or at least semi-nomadic. During the Soviet era, nomadism was regarded backward, so the Russians deliberately moved the nomads to apartment blocks. Some Kyrgyz people still preserve their nomadic culture, staying inside yurts in the steppes during the summer months, then move to their concrete houses in winter. The capability of horse riding, which used to be in their blood, now is also relatively decreasing. Sayap Patah (Kirgizstan, 2006) Seorang bocah berkuda di Kirgizstan menunjukkan seekor burung terluka yang ditemukannya. Nenek moyang bangsa Kirgiz adalah bangsa nomaden, tetapi sekarang mereka sudah semi-nomaden, terlebih lagi sejak datangnya orang Rusia yang menganggap nomadisme adalah keterbelakangan, dan memindahkan para penggembala ke blok-blok apartemen. Beberapa orang Kirgiz yang masih melestarikan gaya hidup semi-nomadisme, tinggal di padang rumput pada musim panas, dan kembali ke rumah bangunan di musim dingin. Kemahiran dalam berkuda, yang semula adalah kultur yang mendarah daging, kini juga semakin berkurang. [...]

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#1Pic1Day: Welcome to Mongolian Toilet (2009)

Welcome to Mongolian Toilet (2009) Still whining about dirty Chinese toilets? Then, welcome to this Mongolian toilet. Welcome to Mongolian Toilet (2009) Masih sering ngomel kalau toilet China yang paling jorok? Selamat datang di toilet Mongolia.   [...]

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#1Pic1Day: Santai Dulu Ah… | Relaxing (Mongolia, 2009)

Relaxing (Mongolia, 2009) A little girl of a Mongol nomad family is having me-time, relaxing under the winter sunshine in arid desert of southwestern Mongolia. Santai Dulu Ah… (2009) Seorang anak gembala Mongol berjemur menikmati sinar mentari musim dingin di padang gersang Mongolia selatan [...]

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Alichur – Kyrgyz Community

The steppe of Alichur Actually I planned to stay for some more days in Langar, but I have heard that the transport onward to Murghab would be very difficult to get. This was caused by the high oil price, so people couldnt afford anymore to travel, and instead of going to smaller and hopeless Murghab they opted to bigger Khorog. Suddenly, even when I was not prepared yet, there was a passenger jeep going to Murghab on 27th. The khalifa told me if I didnt take this car, the next transport might be a month after. I had no choice but to leave Langar. The road continued to east along the river bordering Afghanistan. Afghanistan on that side of the river had no more motorable road as it already entered the Big Pamir area. Sometimes caravans of Bactrian camels were visible along the dirt road on that side of the river, while we were travelling in a russian jeep. World differed more than a century in the two sides of the river, which was very shallow and narrow in winter. It should be very easy to cross the border illegally here. The camel caravan must be the Afghan (Pashtun) traders [...]

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