中国网:呈现|“寻家”之路 道阻且长(No.103)

    印尼人?中国人?从18岁起,奥古斯丁开始只身踏上“寻家”之路,当行走成为挑战自我的模式,他的足迹开始踏及吉尔吉克斯坦,巴基斯坦,土库曼斯坦,伊朗,遍布整个中东。终于,他通过行走得到了内心的和解,打破了旧有的“墙”,让当下和过去握手言和。 An in-depth article from (中国网) on my searching of identity as a Chinese Indonesian, about my winding journey to find the real [...]
  • 140901-png-tais-featured

    Tais 30 August 2014: A Nation in Waiting

    Nobody would deny, Tais is a very blessed land. See how green the vast pasture surrounding the village—even though your economist mind may ask why such a potential fertile land is just wasted and overgrown by wild grass as tall as your chest. See how bountiful their garden products are, their huge yams and blue yams and cassavas and sweet potatos, their super-sweet bananas and super-hot chili and super-fresh coconuts and super-big oranges. When the men go hunting to nearby jungles, they [...]
  • 150322-vipassana-featured

    My Healing with Vipassana (1): A Happiness Seeker and His Breath

    Something was terribly wrong with me lately. I used to feel much “alive” when I travel on the road, but returning to days of monotony confined in Jakarta apartment always brought depression to me. It’s ironic to feel lonely amidst a busy and noisy apartment block inhabited by thousands of people. I was sure, my depression had something to do with my family problems. Since I lost my mother five years ago, sadness and fear slowly grew inside me. Three years after that, my father passed [...]
  • 150503-jokowi-featured

    Indonesia: A Blaming Nation

    This happened again. The police arrested one of the leaders of the anti-graft body. The President seemed helplessly requested the police not to make any controversial moves, as they have already done in the near past. The request seemed went to deaf ears. The public outcry was directed to the President, blaming him too weak to sit on the position. It is a huge contrast to the enormous support the Indonesian public has shown to Joko Widodo, a.k.a Jokowi, during the presidential election, less [...]
  • 150221-boycott-bali-featured

    #BoycottBali: Siapa Membutuhkan Siapa?

    Saat menentukan destinasi liburan, ada beberapa hal yang biasanya kita pertimbangkan: kemudahan visa, atraksi di destinasi, biaya, keamanan. Tetapi warga Australia diminta untuk mempertimbangkan hal lain: ada tidaknya hukuman mati di destinasi yang dituju. Itu tergambar dari gerakan boikot dari media sosial Australia dan sempat menjadi trending topic beberapa hari lalu: #BoycottBali. Gerakan ini berkenaan dengan rencana Indonesia menjalankan eksekusi mati terhadap dua gembong narkoba warga [...]

Marukara 3 September 2014: A Dangerous Adventure with Indonesian Illegal Traders

by Agustinus Wibowo in Papua New Guinea

The coastal region in the southern Papua New Guinea near the Indonesian border is notorious for the illegal cross-border trading activity. Indonesian traders often cross the sea border from Merauke in the west and venture to Papua New Guinean villages to do their unlawful business. This is a very dangerous journey, due to attacks from the pirates and possibility being caught by joint PNG—Australian border patrol. I could sense the over-cautious attitude in Herman—a Marind trader from [...]


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