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In 2006, Agustinus set off on a journey to Kabul, Afghanistan where he lived for two years among the locals and worked as a photo-journalist covering various aspects -- both cultural and political -- of the nation's modern history in the making. Based on his notes and personal observations, Blanket of Dust will take you around the mysterious land.
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Garis Batas (Borderlines) chronicles Agustinus’s journey through post-Soviet nations in Central Asia, Garis Batas offers more than just a picture of what happens to these unique string of post-Soviet nations after the disintegration of the USSR; it also carefully threads the logic behind nationalism and, at the same time, the absurdity of it.
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Where in Selimut Debu and Garis Batas, Agustinus had uprooted his readers from the comforts of their own homes into the strange, often violent and always exotic destinations—in Titik Nol (Ground Zero) he brings them back to the beginning of all journeys: home.

Titik Nol has pioneered a new genre in Indonesian travel literature by allowing readers to experience the writer’s physical, spiritual and emotional journey as they contemplate their own conflicts and anxieties. As Agustinus recounts his final hours with his dying mother, and honours her journey toward the afterlife, the reader is given time for personal reflection. Parallel storylines between mother and son provide unusual insights.

Archive (Indonesian Language)

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02 October 2014 By Agustinus Wibowo in India, Titik Nol

Titik Nol 94: Bukan Orang Suci

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01 October 2014 By Agustinus Wibowo in India, Titik Nol

Titik Nol 93: Bishnoi

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29 September 2014 By Agustinus Wibowo in India, Titik Nol

Titik Nol 91: Pernikahan Tengah Malam (2)