An interview with a Chinese media on the diversity of Indonesia. It was an in-depth interview, for more than 3 hours by phone (!). Here I talked about my experience and coming project on Indonesian nationalism. I discussed about the South Mollucan Republic movement, Papuan issues, Sharia Islam implementation in Aceh, the traditional religion of Toraja, the Javanese diaspora community of Suriname, the tourism history of Bali, the Dutch colonialization history, the religion policies of Indonesia, until my experience living as Chinese-ethnic in Indonesia. After the interview, I realized that the project I’m doing now is indeed very huge, very challenging, but at the same time, colourful and enlightening, as I also got much deeper in learning about my own country, my nation, and myself. Xingli 2017-03-24 07:14   这是Agustinus Wibowo的第二篇访谈,第一篇详见:【在阿富汗的3年里……】一个印尼作家,一直被祖辈告知他是中国人,但是当他19岁终于“回到”中国时,却被当做外国人,他第一次困惑自己的身份:我是中国人还是印尼人吗?他决定寻找印尼人的故事。而印尼人的故事,和17000多个岛屿有关,和400多座火山、700多种语言、300多个民族有关,也和各种闹独立的故事有关——有的在边境上闹,有的在海外闹;而作为华人,印尼人的故事当然还和无数次排华事件有关…… 行李&Agustinus Wibowo [...]

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