#1Pic1Day: Bedil di Sana, Bedil di Sini | Gun No Roses (Peshawar, Pakistan, 2006)

Gun No Roses (Peshawar, Pakistan, 2006) Guns, violence, and masculinity dominate local films played in a cinema of Peshawar, western Pakistan. Bedil di Sana, Bedil di Sini (Peshawar, Pakistan, 2006) Senjata, kekerasan, dan maskulinitas mendominasi film-film lokal Pakistan yang diputar di sebuah bioskop di Peshawar, Pakistan Barat   [...]

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Darra Adam Khel – The Gun Factories

April 16, 2006 They have known bullets and guns since childhood Darra Adam Khel is a village 38 kms south of Peshawar, on the way to Kohat. It looked like a normal village of Pakistan border, but somehow resemble Afghanistan villages also. It looked normal along the way: mud square houses, green field, boys wandering around, shops with their glass windows, and Pathans with their distinctive caps. But the name of Darra has something else to proud about, it’s the gun factory of Pakistan. The people in this area, if may say, all do the same business: gun making and selling. The factories are hidden in the rooms in the small alleys and bazaars, and gun shops are widely open. Pen-shapped pistols It’s obvious that this kind of place was not supposed for tourists to wander around. In fact, before the area was open for tourists, many tourist buses came here to visit the gun shops and ‘check’ the local made AK-47, guns, snippers, pistols, etc etc. Since Benazir Bhutto era, this area was closed for tourists. It was still in Pakistani teritorry, but now the procedure is similar to visiting a tribal area: a permit is needed, and not [...]

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