#1Pic1Day: Jam Istirahat | Rest Hour (Kyrgyzstan, 2006)

Rest Hour (Kyrgyzstan, 2006) School boys in Toktogul, a small town in Kyrgyzstan, are playing in the school playground during rest hour. Ex-Soviet countries generally have high coverage of education. Even the poorest nations have illiteracy rate next to zero. The rural school in Toktogul have somehow adopted international system, receive Peace Corps volunteers and aid from Soros Foundation from the States, and their students also often win national-level awards. Jam Istirahat (Kirgizstan, 2006) Bocah-bocah sekolah di Toktogul, sebuah kota kecil di Kirgizstan, sedang bermain di halaman sekolah pada saat jam istirahat. Negara-negara pecahan Uni Soviet umumnya memiliki pendidikan yang merata, bahkan untuk negara yang paling miskin pun hampir tidak ada penduduk yang tidak bisa baca tulis. Sekolah desa di Toktogul ini bahkan mengadopsi sistem pendidikan internasional dan para siswanya sering meraih penghargaan di tingkat nasional. [...]

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#1Pic1Day: Bahasa Inggris di Dusun | Rural English (Kyrgyzstan, 2006)

Rural English (Kyrgyzstan, 2006) Satina is an English teacher in Toktogul, a very small town (in Kyrgyzstan standard) in central part of the country. The country is one among few Central Asian countries which accept Peace Corps volunteers from the States. Most of the volunteers were English teachers. Kyrgyzstan also received aid for education sector from the Soros Foundation. Every year or two, Toktogul receives one or two English teacher volunteers from the States, who then work together with local teachers like Satina. Their teaching material was imported directly from the States, full of up to date information and cultural background. America is no more too far away for them, even for those who live in forgotten rural villages like this one. Bahasa Inggris di Dusun (Kirgizstan, 2006) Satina adalah seorang guru bahasa Inggris di kota kecil Kirgizstan, Toktogul. Kirgizstan adalah salah satu negara di Asia Tengah yang menerima kedatangan relawan Peace Corps dari Amerika Serikat, mayoritas sebagai guru bahasa Inggris, dan menerima banyak bantuan pendidikan dari Soros Foundation. Setiap tahun, Toktogul menerima satu atau dua relawan pengajar dari Amerika, bekerja sama dengan guru lokal seperti Satina. Bahan materi pelajaran mereka berasal dari Amerika Serikat, lengkap dengan penjelasan budaya yang [...]

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Kabul – School Inauguration

The President himself innaugurates the school A school inauguration in Kabul is attended by the President Hamid Karzai. In the situation when suicide bombing is rampant in the capital, violent attacks are getting common on Kabul streets, and foreigners are kidnapped, there should be something special that the Afghan President decide to inaugurate construction of a high school building. The Ghazi High School was among the oldest, famous, and historical schools in Kabul in its time. The school was originally built in 1923, just 4 years after the independence of Afghanistan from the British control. The civil wars in Afghanistan destroyed the school. In 1994 the school turned to be ruins with empty hollows and walls scattered by bullet holes. The school, the alma mater of current Minister of Higher Education Dr. Dadfar, hibernated. Today, American strip and stars flies proudly next to Afghan flag over a tablet written: “Ghazi High School – The foundation stone of Ghazi High School was laid by H.E. Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on 21st August 2007. The school was constructed through the financial assistance of USAID.” The costs of the reconstruction of the Ghazi School is millions of dollars [...]

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Kara Kul – Get Me Outta Here!!!

It;s beautiful. It’s surreal. But I wanna leave! I really regretted to refuse yesterday’s offer to take the truck lift to Kyrgyzstan. My Tajik visa is going to expire tomorrow (November 4) and I just found on Fridays (like today), transport is extremely difficult. The day is very cold and windy. I have to stand next to the main road, waiting for any vehicles. The first truck passes at 12 and it was full of passengers. The next two hours there was no vehicle at all passing the highway. Khurshid takes me to local stalovaya (canteen) and asks the girl to give me the best food. Khurshid promises to treat me, ‘a poor spion (spy) without money who has to travel on trucks’. I asked how much. The girl said, “Beker! Beker!” I jumped as I was surprised. This happened to be a fatal language misunderstanding. In Tajik Persian, the language which I understand, it means ‘no penis’. I explained to the girl that I had, but she only speaks Kyrgyz, and doesn’t understand my Tajik. Later I understood that it means ‘free of charge’ or ‘no cost’ in Kyrgyz. Khurshid laughed and ridiculed me, “I paid already with my [...]

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Alichur – Kyrgyz Community

The steppe of Alichur Actually I planned to stay for some more days in Langar, but I have heard that the transport onward to Murghab would be very difficult to get. This was caused by the high oil price, so people couldnt afford anymore to travel, and instead of going to smaller and hopeless Murghab they opted to bigger Khorog. Suddenly, even when I was not prepared yet, there was a passenger jeep going to Murghab on 27th. The khalifa told me if I didnt take this car, the next transport might be a month after. I had no choice but to leave Langar. The road continued to east along the river bordering Afghanistan. Afghanistan on that side of the river had no more motorable road as it already entered the Big Pamir area. Sometimes caravans of Bactrian camels were visible along the dirt road on that side of the river, while we were travelling in a russian jeep. World differed more than a century in the two sides of the river, which was very shallow and narrow in winter. It should be very easy to cross the border illegally here. The camel caravan must be the Afghan (Pashtun) traders [...]

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Noraseri – From the Rubbles

Tent school February 27, 2006 The discussion about Playboy magazine somehow had brought strange dreams to me. I dreamt of some Indonesian girls wearing traditional transparent kebaya dress, unbottomed, half-naked, and … . Hmmm …. Somehow, living too long time in Pakistan had made me more wilder in sex fantasies. Next to our camp there was a rubbles of collapsed school building. There was another blue tent with huge Chinese characters: For Disaster Emergency Use. This is the temporary school tent for the students. The students started their class at 8:45, singing a chorus outside the tent, and then got into the big blue tent. Today I started to visit the project of the NGO with Mr Ijaz Gillani and Mr Manzoor. Our NGO, an NGO from Denmark, bearing the name ‘Danish’which might be hated by the fundamentalists due to the red hot Danish cartoon issue. We prefer to spell ‘Danish’ as DUN-NISH, to avoid misunderstanding, as ‘Danish’ with this spelling is a popular Pakistani name as well. The NGO project is to build 500 shelter homes in these mountainous areas. Now some projects were finalized and our work was to make documentation of the homes. The track up the [...]

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