Agustinus Wibowo in Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2016

This is my schedule for this year’s awaited literary festival, UWRF 2016. I have got quite a busy schedule, but I am really excited to see you all there. And I really love this year’s theme: “I am you, you are me“.   Live Music & Arts: Pecha Kucha 26 Oct 2016 20:30 – 22:00 After Dark / Live Music & Arts IDR 75,000 Betelnut . Jl. Raya Ubud (Google Maps) Ignite your ideas with a fast and furious Pecha Kucha night at Betelnut. Brave Festival artists step out on stage to share what they’re passionate about in the 20×20 format: 20 images, 20 seconds each. Tickets available at the door. Featuring: Agustinus Wibowo, Emmanuela Shinta, Madelaine Dickie, Mayank Austen Soofi, Melizarani T Selva, Yassmin Abdel-Magiied Book Launch: Zero: When Journey Takes You Home 27 Oct 2016 16:30 – 18:00 Book Launches / Free Events Free Rondji Restaurant. Jl. Raya Campuhan (Google Maps) After 10 years, the traveller returns home and comes face-to-face with one reality he has always feared: his mother is on the brink death. He recounts his journey, page after page, to his dying mother who has barely ever left their little village in Java. [...]

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Pulau Imaji: Penulis Indonesia Agustinus Wibowo Hadir di BIBF 2016

Setelah keberhasilan Indonesia di Bologna Book Fair dan London Book Fair pada Maret dan April 2016 lalu, buku-buku dari Indonesia kini hadir di Stand Indonesia dengan lokasi E2F28 di Bejing International Book Fair (BIBF 2016) pada 24-28 Agustus 2016. Inilah kali pertama penerbitan Indonesia tampil di BIBF secara kolektif karena sebelumnya anggota penerbit Indonesia hanya hadir sebagai pengunjung. Selama lima hari pameran di Beijing, Indonesia menampilkan 200 judul buku pilihan dan memberikan wawasan tentang industri penerbitan di Indonesia. Indonesia akan menghadirkan penulis Agustinus Wibowo yang didampingi penulis terkenal Yu ha dalam acara ZERO: When The Journey. Takes You Home disponsori BIBF bekerja sama dengan Paper Republic pada Rabu, 24 Agustus, pada pukul 13.00-15.00 bertempat di Writers’ Stage, BIBF Venue. Dalam acara Introduction to the Asean Market yang digelar di EAST HALL 2, Rabu 24 Agustus, jam 14.00-15.00, Ketua Komite Buku Nasional, Laura Prinsloo, hadir sebagai pembicara yang mempresentasikan Indonesia “Islands of Opportunity” menjabarkan potensi yang dimiliki negara ini dari berbagai sisi: seperti demografi, ragam bahasa, kebebasan berekspresi, dan pertumbuhan industri penerbitan di Indonesia. “Kami juga akan mengundang Duta besar Indonesia untuk Tiongkok, Soegeng Rahardjo untuk hadir dalam program-program yang kami adakan,” papar laura di kantor KBN, Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan [...]

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Beijing International Book Fair 2016 作家来袭,讲述永不完结的故事

It’s a great honour for me to be the first Indonesian author featured in the Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF). The Book Fair also organizes the Literary Salon programs, which are a series of events taking placing during and around the BIBF, bringing authors from around the world into close contact with Chinese audiences. This year’s theme is “Never Ending Stories”, highlighting the continuing and essential importance of literary narrative, even as storytelling branches out into other media. The Salons will be conducted in various venues in Beijing, for the week of August 20 to 28. 作家来袭,讲述永不完结的故事 2016年08月12日17:37   第23届北京国际图书博览会 再过22天,第23届北京国际图书博览会即将开展,图博会今年30岁了,BIBF文学沙龙系列活动也与读者相伴近7年了。今年,我们如约而至。 与往年一样,来自世界各地的几十位作者将齐聚北京。我们举办“文学沙龙”的目的,就是让北京读者与这些作者亲密接触,促成他们与中国作者对话,让所有来自 不同文化背景却对文学、书籍怀着同样热爱的人走得更近 Never Ending Stories [...]

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From Zero to Frankfurt: The Translating Process of Ground Zero

The journey began when a mother is lying on a hospital bed, dying. The son who has been years living overseas finally returns. Realizing not much time left, the son sits beside her, reads his diary about faraway lands he saw. About their ancestral land of China, about the Himalayas, about the Pakistani desert and the warzone of Afghanistan. Along with his stories, the mother starts to recount her stories that have been buried for long. About her childhood, her love, her awaiting, her struggle, her God, her life and death. Two journeys set in two dimensions of time and place intertwine, and eventually converge. In the final days, the mother and son share a journey of life together. This is the story of my travel-narrative memoir, Titik Nol: Makna Sebuah Perjalanan (lit. Point Zero: The Essence of a Journey), published in Indonesian language by Gramedia Pustaka Utama in 2013. It received quite warm welcome from Indonesian readers. Some months after the launching, Gramedia asked whether I was interested to translate this book into English. At that time Indonesia has been confirmed to be the Guest of Honor in the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. This is the biggest book exhibition [...]

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National Geographic (2013): Literary Magic in Bali   Literary Magic in Bali Posted by Don George of National Geographic Traveler in Travel with Heart on November 12, 2013 Last month I had the opportunity to participate for the second year in a row in the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival on the Indonesian island of Bali. At the six-day festival, I taught two travel writing workshops, spoke on a panel about the evolution of the genre, and hosted a luncheon conversation with the co-founders of Lonely Planet, Maureen and Tony Wheeler. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, this year’s fest was the biggest gathering yet, with more than 200 authors, musicians, and performers from more than 20 countries participating, and many hundreds of literature-lovers from around the Pacific Rim, Southeast Asia, and beyond attending. As with last year, I was exhilarated to encounter in panels and dinners and performances acclaimed and groundbreaking journalists, novelists, poets, and nonfiction writers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Egypt, Syria, Germany, France, Ireland, and England, as well as bright-eyed, book-hugging readers inspired by what these writers create. One of the festival’s highlights was the aforementioned travel writing panel, facilitated by Lisa Dempster, director of the Melbourne Writers Festival. [...]

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Muzaffarabad – Poems from Kashmir

March 27, 2006 The beautiful Kashmir is endless source of inspiration During my stay in the area, people kept teaching me various things to be more proper Pakistani or Urdu speakers. That was including those meaningless Noraseri Hindko salaams of ‘gay Barhean’ or ‘mu ko ni pata’. But here I would like to share some interesting ones. This was the national poem (komi trana) of Kashmir. National poem? Yes, Kashmir was still regarded as ‘not Pakistan’; it had its own flag and national anthem also. The national poem had simple words, nice rhyming, and easy to remember. So, let’s start. Baghon aur Baharonwalla (the gardens and the spring) Daryaon aur Kohsaronwalla (the rivers and the mountains) Jannat ki Nazaronwalla (the heavenly scenery) Jammu Kashmir HAmira (Jammu and Kashmir are ours) Vatan HAmira, Azad Kashmir, Azad Kashmir, Azad Kashmir (Our Homeland is the Free Kashmir) The part with ‘jannat’, ‘heaven’, I had problem with my memory. We were in the jeep and the guys asked me to read the poem to them. As I remembered that heaven was always to be coupled with hell, so I read ‘jannat aur jahanamwalla’, ‘the heaven and hell’. People laughed. Even the ladies hiding their [...]

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